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A World of Enemy Lines Empty A World of Enemy Lines

Post by MissArcana on Wed Mar 04, 2015 4:00 am

"Standardized progress report, agent Victor 457, regarding the exploration of the phenomenon to be known as sector 987 Exodus Doorway, know here in as ED987." I took a deep breath and collected my thoughts. It would be unlikely that I would get a chance to fix the transcripts before transmitting to a field office, and the office head I reported to preferred organized field reports. I hit pause on my wrist recording device. As unassuming as a wrist watch it was a multifunctional piece of hardware given to all field agents. Many even continued to wear them even as they progressed. Oleander had worn his till he'd disappeared.

How had it all come to this? Operations had gone to shit since Oleander had disappeared. Class 457 had been Oleander's pet project. Each of us had been hand selected, or in Adam's case grown. Once Oleander disappeared, we'd been assimilated into the general field force. We'd kept our original call letters an identification. How was I supposed to put all this into coherent thoughts? Those strange doorways to this odd world. I knew there were three agents sent to go through each doorway and yet I seem to be the only one here. Apparently the doors had some sort of selection process, not just anyone got to pass. To top it off home base transmissions ceased less than an hour after the doorways closed.

One black suite alone in a mass of humans and supernaturals. The supernats were saying the world had ended. It had to be a lie. Clearly some of them had wised up and realized there was no way to defeat the Technocracy. This was their self preservation. This...pocket realm... was cut off from the home world. it was a last ditch effort for survival. I scrubbed a hand over my face and looked over the room. It was a small square in the side of the cave surrounded with other humans. The humans surrounded by supernaturals. Yes we needed the supernaturals to survive for now, but how long until they revealed their true intentions.

I'm so far in enemy territory there wasn't even a line. Yes technically I was a mage, much like Oleander had been. Hell, I'd technically even been scrubbed. How was I supposed to... what was I even supposed to do? I had a messenger bag of a few supplies, but... I returned to the bed where it lay. I pulled out a small black Kevlar case. The device inside wasn't particularly large but it might be the only thing that could give me a chance for any kind of leverage.

I started to mutter quietly to myself. It was the closest thing I had to a bad habit. It helped me think as I slowly assembled the device. Oleander had liked to know our thoughts even when they were disorganized. How could he help us become more efficent if he didn't know what we were thinking? Oleander had never been lax in his assessments and always given me useful ideals to aspire towards. He would have had a hay day with this realm. Things with a natural immunity to magic. Just a few genetic scans and HQ could have engineered a vaccination make humanity safe. Why were they silent though? Had the world really ended? What if I was the only one left? I shook my head and kept working and mumbling.

The device was simple, even if it wasn't elegant. It resembled a stun gun in some ways. I had three sterile cartridges for the stunning lines and three sets of electrical impulse pads. Of course it would be untested field prototypes that might be my only shot at evening the odds. "Constant development is the only way to overcome their long traditions and genetic culture." I could almost hear Oleander say the words from memory. It had a spare battery and with the tiny solar panels on the side I could recharge it and the batteries fairly easy, assuming I didn't want to use my magic and give myself away. It was easy enough to hide amongst the humans. Hell there was even a middle aged woman one room over who'd taken a shining to me. Apparently I reminded her of her son who hadn't make it through the ED's.

"So who should I try," I mused to myself. If given the chance humans will do their best to say governing themselves. It would be safe to try it on a human, but that wouldn't really do me any good. "My best option would be to try a mid level supernat, one that I might even be able to over power if the encounter goes poorly." I frowned and tapped my chin. "I've seen Alpha and Echo," I mused quietly. No, they were too risky. Alpha was constantly with the one called Lyra, it was unlikely I could get either alone. Taking them both on at once was a poor idea. Echo...well from what I'd seen taking her alone wasn't an option. Plus the fae man she was with might pop in and that took out that choice. Perhaps later if this worked like it was supposed to work. "No, I need someone mid rank, decent power. I can't go for a leader or king. I could disestablish their whole power structure and kill everyone." By everyone, I meant the humans.

No, I needed someone who went off on their own, preferably often. I didn't want one of "pack" that seemed to have free reign. I'd look, here had to be someone. "I'll find someone. Someone useful." It was about time the portable field scrubber got it's first test.

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