The Tellum, We are Weapons

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The Tellum, We are Weapons Empty The Tellum, We are Weapons

Post by Admin on Mon Sep 08, 2014 12:12 pm

The Tellum take their name from the old Latin word, telum, meaning weapon. They are the bloodline started by Gidon, Abel's eldest son. There is a point of argument amongst the vampires as to who truly conceived and convinced the other children to seek revenge. Most clans and younger vampires believe it to be Gidon, as it was he who ruled and the notion would have died without his support. It is part of the reason the Magnifique have taken to ruling, for it was the folly of the Tellum that lead to their endless nights. Some would argue that it was Devorah, first of the Nameless, who whispered to her elder brother dark dreams of vengeance. It is said that Devorah and Gidon were the first siblings to fight and eventually become enemies. Gidon after Kane's death, turned many humans into Ultio almost immediately to create an army to devour Kane's remaining descendants.


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