Clans of the Ultio ( Vampires, virtues and vices)

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Clans of the Ultio ( Vampires, virtues and vices) Empty Clans of the Ultio ( Vampires, virtues and vices)

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There are 5 vampire Clans one clan for each of Abel's avenging children.
The Tellum ~ The Warriors and Butchers
The Mordio ~ Disfigured Dead
The Nameless~ The Lost and Never Found
Clan Magnifique ~ A Pedigree of Blood
The Insidia ~ Whispering Shadows, Shining Death

As there are five clans the number 5 shows often in Vampire Culture. Councils are often in denominations of 5.

Regardless of Clan, age is power. The older the vampire the stronger they become. Some need to skip the time delay and gain power more quickly, there are two ways in which this can be achieved. Splurge on your clan's vitae or consume another stronger vampire. Both have tell tale markings the vampire will have difficulty hiding. Vampires are very unforgiving of those that devour their own kind. Each clan has skills, powers, virtues and vices that help them in their never ending quest to satisfy their unrelenting hunger. Each has it's own traditions and taboos. Step out of line within your own clan, and your greatest allies and assets become your most unrelenting enemies.

Basic terms used.

Vitae: Something that must be ritually consumed to prevent the vampire from aging and helps strengthen their unlife. Vitae, a latin word literally meaning of life.

Penta: A local ruling council, it has a representative from each clan. The Penta is specifically an odd number to prevent stalemates. Each clan fronts their own representative. Each clan has it's own way of delineating who is the Penta for their council.

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